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How to learn Spanish free should be easy right? Seems like these days you can find anything you need right at your finger tips with Google. For the most part, that’s true. You can really find a great deal of information on how to learn Spanish free through lots of travel blogs that talk about learning Spanish fast and online. Many of the free Spanish blogs have different opinions on how to learn Spanish and what the best structure is for Spanish lessons.

Howtolearnspanishfree.com was created to help you find the most qualified online website for learning Spanish. I’ll provide helpful articles on what to look for in your Spanish language quest such as how to learn Spanish at home, and many more.

My name is Luke and I have been traveling the globe for more than two years now. I own an internationally recognized web design and software programming firm in the USA but I run the company remotely with employees all over the world. I started to learn Spanish much later in life at the age of 29 (its much easier when you’re a kiddo). For those of you who think its too hard now that you’re an adult, you can do it! Trust me!

During the last two years I have had the opportunity to help a friend run a CBD oil blog https://whatiscbdoil.health/ and also learn Spanish through living in Latin America. But my formal education has come from being “self taught” using online Spanish learning systems. I have had one tutor in my Spanish experience and that was just to have full Spanish conversations with in which I used material from my last online Spanish lesson. After two years now, most folks don’t think I am American, they think I am from Argentina or Chile where you find lighter skinned people often. What a compliment! To date I have lived in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru. I am also from a town in Arizona about 45 minutes from Mexico so my Spanish has really helped me communicate with folks when I am home! So cool!

This can be you too. With about 30 minutes a day of practicing Spanish you will be understanding, engaging, and speaking in Spanish within just a few days if you follow my guides on what to look for in learning Spanish. How to learn Spanish phrases, how to learn Spanish books, and most importantly, how to learn Spanish free on certain websites.

The most important thing I can recommend about learning Spanish, is learn it the right way the first time around. Just like you wouldn’t use the word “ain’t” in English, it can be easy to sound just as bad in Spanish if you learn the language through just phrases and vocabulary. For this reason, most websites are not good for learning. I will recommend a few through my website here and you can do the research on your own. The way my Howtolearnspanishfree.com website works is I will be writing some articles up that talk about certain parts of learning Spanish, then from those articles, I will highlight the best way to learn Spanish somewhere out on the web for free.

Many of the places I will send you to though have a premium subscription. Once you get past the basics, choosing the best premium subscription website will be your golden ticket to Spanish fluency. In my blog I will direct you to the Spanish learning programs that make the most sense for learning or practicing a spefic aspect of learning within Spanish such as speaking, reading, writing, listing, and so on. I will show the pros and cons of programs like Spanish Pod 101, Rosetta Stone, Dualingo, Pimsleur Spanish, and much more.

Things I am NOT as a blogger. I am NOT a biased writer. I am NOT pushing you towards certain companies just so I can get paid from them. I AM going to send you to Spanish learning websites where at a minimum, the initial phases are free to help you know if it’s a good fit for you or not. I AM going to tell you what I personally use throughout my website because I want folks to know the truth. I HAVE used many of the websites I am sending you out to so I FULLY understand their learning structures. I DO genuinely want you to succeed at speaking Spanish fast.

More than just website reviews and suggestions though, I want to let you into my world of learning. I am not a quick learner, I never did well in school, I learned a language really late in life, and I don’t really understand general vocabulary structure. If I can do this than so can you. I’ll show you really awesome and easy to learn techniques on how to learn Spanish in your normal life. Some of the main Spanish learning tips I’ll provide include topics like learning Spanish at home, practicing Spanish in the mornings, how to find the best Spanish podcasts, and much more. I will try and give you insight into learning Spanish while you live life. I’ll cover great first timer Spanish phrases like how to say hello in Spanish, how to say goodbye in Spanish, how to say good morning in Spanish, how to say I love you in Spanish, and many more!

Also be sure to check out my English to Spanish translation tool.

Suerte y hablamos pronto!

Luke Matthews