3 Ways to Learn Spanish at Home

practicing spanish at home

The ways to learn Spanish at home can be difficult with all the different distractions you have going on around you all the time. I know for me personally, I consider myself one of the “un-diagnosed ADD” individuals so whatever looks more exciting in my mind – that’s where I go in the moment. At home, its easy to do that with things like your TV, music, computer, or smart phone. But in order for you to really get the Spanish language down (or any language for that matter), you’ll need to setup some easy habit forming systems throughout your home and your the time spent in your home. Although this is not all of the ways you can learn Spanish at home fast, its definitely a good starter dose of ideas and then you can branch out from here and create your own 🙂

Here are my initial 3 ways to learn Spanish at home:

1. Label the crap out of your home

Sounds corny – I know. And, if you have a lot of guests over often, you might feel a little bit goofy, but you know what? It won’t matter much to you when you’re speaking Spanish fluently in the future and your friends are not. Labels not only help you learn the literal word but they actual do much more than that. They teach your brain how to correctly associate an object with a verbal meaning. This is the true way of how a child learns. Look, grasp what the object is, learn the verbal meaning, repeat. Once you’ve done this about 20 times with an object, it just naturally has two names now – one in English and one in Spanish. You’ll stop questioning and just start saying. That’s the whole point of object/verbal association.

spanish labels for learning spanish at home

2. Leave Flash Cards in the Bathroom

Everyone goes there, no one talks about it. The bathroom is like my safe haven of glory. Me, my morning coffee, and my flashcards. Keep those bad boys in the bathroom and you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time. If you can, try and get flash cards that have images or drawings on them of what the word represents. Just learning the word will typically not stick in your brain. You need to associate the word with some sort of mental image. This will help with how to quit translating English to Spanish. Translating from English to Spanish totally kills your brain growth and its not a good long term plan. So just to repeat. Spanish vocabulary flashcards + your bathroom = skills.

spanish flashcards for learning spanish at home

3. Listening to Explanatory Lessons via the Web 

Listen while you work. I think the 7 dwarfs had that down pat. Listen to something that teaches you in-depth Spanish while you work around the house. Your brain will probably pass most of it because you’ll be hyper focused on cleaning something or moving something – doesn’t matter, do it anyways. If you miss a whole audio lesson while you work, just start the thing over. Listen to it 100 times until it makes sense and your brain soaked it all in. Learning Spanish is not about doing it as fast as possible, its about doing it as correct and complete as possible. I will often times go back and re-listen to audio lessons from weeks ago just to make the information stick. Great habit to do while doing meaningless crap around the house.

ways to learn spanish

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