Beautiful in Spanish : How to say beautiful, you’re beautiful, how beautiful

youre beautiful in spanish

Beautiful in Spanish = Hermosa

Just imagine walking down streets crowded with women so beautiful that they could easily be candidates for the Miss Universe pageant. That’s what you get to see in many different Latin American countries. Tons of beautiful women! If you are a guy like me the first word that should come to your mind is beautiful in Spanish: Hermosa. You should be able to say phrases like you are beautiful, good morning beautiful, hello beautiful, very beautiful and beauty in Spanish. Don´t you think? Let me show how to say each one of those phrases.

In Spanish, all adjectives, that is, all words that describe characteristics of people, objects or ideas, must indicate in themselves the gender of the word they describe. For example, if you want to say that a woman is beautiful in Spanish the word for beautiful must end in “a” as in the following example.

She is beautiful in Spanish = Ella es hermosa

If you are calling beautiful a man, which is not common but still happens, then the word beautiful in Spanish must end in “o”, as follows.

He is beautiful in Spanish = El es hermoso

You are most likely to use this word when describing a baby boy. Say el es hermoso to compliment on someone’s baby on the street or at a friend’s house. He is beautiful in Spanish is good phrase to break the ice with any mother you meet for the first time. Now, imagine you run into Sofia Vergara and you want to tell her you are beautiful in Spanish. What do you say?

You are beautiful in Spanish = Eres hermosa

If a girl really is beautiful, like Sofia Vergara, this is probably a phrase that she has heard thousands of times. However, you and I know, no girl will get tired of hearing you’re beautiful in Spanish. Take a look at how to say good morning beautiful in Spanish.

Good morning beautiful in Spanish = Buenos días hermosa

Use this phrase to say good morning beautiful in Spanish and you will win the heart of any Spanish-speaking girl. Trust me. You can also say hello beautiful in Spanish.

Hello beautiful in Spanish = Hola hermosa

This one phrase you will be able to use at any time during the day, unlike good morning beautiful which only applies in the morning. Fail to say hello beautiful in Spanish and you will come across as rude! (Kidding!)

beautiful in spanish

Very beautiful in Spanish = Muy hermosa

I use the word hermosa ending in “a” because I’m taking for granted that we are talking about describing women. So, this is not a dating blog but I’m going to give you a tip that never fails when you want to conquer the heart of a girl: stare directly into her eyes, don’t say anything for about 4 seconds and then say muy hermosa! Even if you say this to an English-speaking girl she will understand that you’re calling her very beautiful in Spanish.

If you are describing several women then add an “s” to the word hermosa as you will see in the next example.

They are beautiful = Ellas son hermosas (plural-feminine)

They are beautiful in Spanish = Ellos son hermosos (plural-masculine)

You are more likely to use the masculine adjective hermoso when you talk about baby boys or little children. The next expression I will show you is how beautiful in Spanish.

How beautiful in Spanish = Que hermoso (masculine)

How beautiful in Spanish = Que hermosa (feminine)

Use these expressions to describe little kids doing funny things or when you see something that you just want to squeeze or keep.

I explained to you that the word hermosa is a word that describes a characteristic. From that word, we also have the word beauty in Spanish, which is not a characteristic but a thing. Let’s take a look at how to say beauty in Spanish.

Beauty in Spanish = Hermosura

Sounds like a formal word. Perhaps not a word that people will throw in a conversation. But maybe a word that you will see on a fashion magazine or in advertisement in Spanish-speaking countries.

I think you’re ready for your trip to Latin America or Spain. You will see many beautiful people, places and things. Want to keep improving your Spanish? Make sure you read more articles on how to learn Spanish free, such as say cool in Spanish, say house in Spanish, say money in Spanish and many more!


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