Brother in Spanish : How to say brother, brothers, & brother-in-law

brother in law in spanish

Brother in Spanish = Hermano

Brother in Spanish is one of my absolute favorites! I normally call every guy I talk to brother anyways, so learning how to say brother in Spanish was a great addition to my Spanish vocabulary. The word for brother in Spanish can be used for family, friends, or really anyone you want to say it to depending on how extrovert or outgoing you might be. The word brother in Spanish is almost identical to the word for sister in Spanish. The only difference is that you would need to change the ending letter to match the subject – feminine or masculine. If you really want to say the word brother in Spanish correctly, you need to make sure you roll the r that is in the middle of the word. Learning how to roll your r’s in Spanish will be critical to you sounding more Latin and speaking the Spanish language with more fluency. Some of you landed here to see how to say step brother in Spanish, brother in law in Spanish, or just the plural form for the word brother – brothers in Spanish. Let’s take a quick look at all of those below quickly.

Brother in Law in Spanish = El cuñado

El cuñado is the exact way that you would want to say the word brother-in-law in Spanish. It’s easy to remember. Just like the word hermano, Spanish for brother, it too has a feminine version of the word where the word ends with an a instead of an o. You would replace the o with an a if you wanted to say sister-in-law in Spanish. Let’s move on to the next word.

brother in spanish

Brothers in Spanish = Hermanos

This one is easy. Just like we would add an s in English to a word when we want to make it plural, we would do the same here for this word. When you want to say brothers in Spanish, just add the s to hermano(s). Let’s take a look at the next word for brother in Spanish.

Step brother in Spanish = El hermanastro

Step brother in Spanish is simply just an extension of the word hermano. Don’t ask me why it reads the way it does, it just is what it is. Now that you know how to say brother in Spanish, along with all its others forms, you can use them with your family or friends! Be sure to check out some of my other articles here on How To Learn Spanish Free such as how to ask for a kiss in Spanish, the lyrics to happy birthday in Spanish, learn how to tell time in Spanish, and much more!

-Luke Matthews

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