Car in Spanish : How to say car in Spanish, motorcycle, bus, and truck

car in spanish

Car in Spanish = Carro

Often times I’m hanging out with friends who ask me questions such as how do you say car in Spanish? Or what is car in Spanish? All they want is to hear me say a Spanish word. But many of you landed here because you actually want to know how to say car in Spanish. I will show you how and the different words for car in Spanish such as bus, vehicle, truck, and motorcycle.

Let’s first review car in Spanish. Carro is a masculine noun in Spanish. That is the reason why it ends in “o”. Here are some examples of phrases with the word car in Spanish.

This car is very expensive – Este carro es muy costoso!
My car broke down – Mi carro se ha averiado.

Cars in Spanish = Carros

Making a word plural is one of the easiest things to do in Spanish. Just add an “s” and you have cars in Spanish. Here are some useful phrases you can use with cars in plural.

I like sport cars. Me gustan los carros deportivos
Corvettes are the best cars. Los Corvettes son los mejores carros

There are different types of cars and different names for cars in Spanish. Let me show you a few of them, starting with the word bus in Spanish.

Bus in Spanish = Bus

Bus is actually short for autobus, and it is the most widely accepted word for bus throughout all Spanish-speaking countries. If you travel, you’ll probably find yourself saying the following phrases with the word bus in Spanish.

The bus has so many colors. El bus tiene muchos colores
The bus is small. El bus es pequeño

Truck in Spanish = Camion

The word for truck in Spanish is camion if you’re referring to a large truck that transports huge amounts of goods, for example. If you’re referring to a small truck for personal use the word is camioneta. Let’s take a look at the following examples.

That truck is too large. Ese camion es muy largo.
I have a double cab truck. Tengo una camioneta doble cabina.

Motorcycle in Spanish = Motocicleta

The word for motorcycle in Spanish is similar to the English one. The pronunciation, though, is very different. In Spanish, you say moh-toh-see-kleh-tah. The following examples will give you an idea of how to use the word motorcycle in Spanish.

The motorcycle is fast – La motocicleta es rápida.
Riding a motorcycle is fun! – Conducir una motocicleta es divertido!

How do you say car in Spanish? What is car in Spanish? Now you know! Have a safe drive on your visit!! Want to take your Spanish to the next level? Be sure to check out more articles on how to learn Spanish free, such as say pretty in Spanish, say money in Spanish, say happy birthday in Spanish, say cool in Spanish and many more!

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