Cat in Spanish : How to say cat in Spanish, kitten, catwoman, lion, & tiger

kitten in spanish

Cat in Spanish = Gato

Cats are the most common pet in the world. According to the Ecology Global Network, there are about 600 million of cats on earth. Latin America and Spain house a great number of these felines. Many Spanish-speakers are cat lovers and they like to talk about these furry friends, both the domesticated and the wild. How do you say cat in Spanish? Gato is Spanish for cat. The “o” at the end of this word tells us that we are talking about a male cat. Say Gah-toh and you will sound like a native speaker. There are several words and phrases related to the word cat in Spanish that are important for you to know if you want to engage in casual conversations about pets in Spanish. I will talk about some of them in the following lines. But first, let’s see how to say female cat in Spanish.

Female cat in Spanish = Gata

Just add change the letter “o” for and “a” and you have Spanish for cat, female cat. At his point of the conversation, I have to talk about how the word cat in Spanish has been used in relation to women. The following word literally puts together the words cat and woman.

Catwoman in Spanish = Gatúbela

Catwoman is a comic’s character associated with Batman that became famous both in the English and the Spanish-speaking world. When you say catwoman in Spanish using the word gatubela Spanish-speakers will automatically remember this character. You can also use catwoman as a slang term to refer to girls in Spanish.

cat in spanish

Catwoman in Spanish = Gata salvaje (slang for wild girl)

The term can also apply to a girl who is very sensual, or to a girl that uses her own sex appeal to bend men to do her will. Say catwoman in Spanish with a sarcastic tone and facial expression and it will convey the same meaning as if when you say it in English. Just be careful not to say it directly to a girl or you may get a slap in the face! Now let’s take a look at a popular saying with the word cat that translates perfectly into Spanish.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play in Spanish = Cuando el gato no está, los ratones hacen fiesta

This saying simply states that whenever there is no supervision, Spanish-speakers too will do as they like, especially when they meet a foreigner who is visiting town!

How do you say cat in Spanish? Now you know! That was all about how to say cat in Spanish and different expressions affiliated to the word cat. Be sure you You know keep learning new words in Spanish by my other articles on how to learn Spanish free and learn to say pretty in Spanish, beautiful in Spanish, say ugly in Spanish, say cool in Spanish and many more!

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