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cool in spanish

Cool in Spanish = Fresco

How do you say cool in Spanish? If that was a question in a written test, this would be a very unfortunate day for the student. Why? He would probably fail to remember all the possible words for cool in Spanish right out of his head. There are just too many! The good news is that out of my passion to help you master your Spanish, I compiled all the meanings and expressions of the word cool in this article and I will let you decide which one you want to use. Some of those are I’m cool in Spanish, you’re cool in Spanish, that’s cool in Spanish and how cool in Spanish.

The original and still valid sense of the word cool is related to temperature. That’s why the first translation above is the Spanish word fresco, which means “pleasantly cold”. Use the word fresco when you want to talk about a cool day or cool clothes in Spanish. The word cool takes up a different meaning when we use it as a slang word for “great”. Here is the most common Spanish word for “cool”.

Cool in Spanish = Genial (meaning great!)

The word genial in Spanish literally means great, which is, of course, a synonym of the word cool.  If you can only remember one Spanish word for cool that works anywhere in Latin America and Spain, this is it.  Genial is a formal and widely accepted word for cool in Spanish. It is not slang as cool in English. If you want to know slang words that different Spanish-speaking countries have for the word cool, take a look at the following translations.

Cool in Spanish = Chevere (Slang in Latin America)

Cool in Spanish = Fino (Slang in Venezuela)

Cool in Spanish = Chido (Slang in Mexico)

Cool in Spanish = Chido (Slang in Mexico)

Cool in Spanish = Padre (Slang in Mexico)

Cool in Spanish = Guay (Slang in Spain)

There are some other expressions with the word cool in Spanish that have a slightly different meaning. Here are some examples.

thats cool in spanish

I’m cool in Spanish = Estoy bien (not a problem/don’t worry)

When you’re keeping your cool and you won´t let a world catastrophe bother you, this is the right expression: “estoy bien”.

You’re cool in Spanish = Está bien (sarcasm)

Complimenting someone by telling them you’re cool is odd even in Spanish. So, you will probably use this one in the same way as you would in English, with sarcasm. You might want to use some body language in order to let them know you’re being sarcastic.

That’s cool = Eso es genial

If you want to say that’s cool in Spanish and be understood in any Spanish-speaking country, say eso es genial. You can use any of the slang words that I explained above depending on which country you’re visiting. Just add whichever slang word after the phrase “Eso ex _____” and that’s it.

your are cool in spanish

How cool in Spanish = Qué chévere

Throughout Latin America people say qué chevere as an expression of admiration, enjoyment or satisfaction. Use qué chevere when you want to say how cool in Spanish. Now, sometimes we use the word cool to command someone to relax. This happens in Spanish too. Take a look at how to tell someone to cool in Spanish.

Cool in Spanish = Tranquilo! (Relax! -a command)

When you need to calm someone down and you want to tell them to cool in Spanish, say tranquilo if you’re talking to a man or tranquila if you’re talking to a woman.

What do you think of all these words for cool in Spanish? Interesting, huh?! What I do every time I visit a Latin American country is I stick to the slang word for cool in that country until I fly out. If you do the same, throw it in in a conversation every time you can until you get used to it. You will create a sense of familiarity among your new Spanish-speaking friends. I hope you enjoyed this article. Check out more cool articles on how to learn Spanish free and learn how to say house in Spanish, dog in Spanish, daughter in Spanish and many more!


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