Dad in Spanish : How to say dad, father, and step father

dad in spanish

Dad in Spanish = Papá (El papá )

Dad in Spanish is much like how you would say mom in Spanish. Dad in Spanish actually has a few different forms, but the most common one is Papá. Much like the pronunciation of the word Mamá, you need to make sure you drag the letter a out when you say the word dad in Spanish – papá. You can actually just practice this with your real parents, playing around with them, and they’ll probably not even notice lol. I do it all the time with mine and they get a kick out of it.

Let’s take a quick look at how to use dad in Spanish in some general situations that you might find yourself in throughout your travels. 

My dad is my hero! – ¡Mi papá es mi héroe!

I love my dad a lot. – Te quiero papá.

father in spanish

Are there other ways to say dad in Spanish? What if we wanted to be more specific with the word dad and say father instead? Let’s take a look at how to say father in Spanish.

Father in Spanish = Padre 

Father in Spanish is typically the more common way to say father in Spanish. In the majority of sentences you will need to use the word dad or father in Spanish, you will probably want to sue Padre. Papá is typically used for talking about your dad in a more personal way…if that makes sense. Let’s take a look at how we would use the word father in Spanish in some actual situations you might find yourself in.

Having a father is important for children. – Tener un padre es importante para los niños.

How old is your father? – ¿Qué edad tiene tu padre?

When did you become a father? – ¿Cuándo se convierte en un padre?

For some of us, including myself, we have a step-father in our lives. What if you wanted to know how to say step-father in Spanish? This would of course be important to you explaining your family to others, so let’s take a quick look at how to say step-father in Spanish. I’ll show you how to say step dad in Spanish as well.

Step Father in Spanish = Padre del paso

Step Dad in Spanish = Papá del paso

Now that you have all the ways to say dad in Spanish, father in Spanish, and step-father in Spanish, you can now explain some of your family to others while you travel! Be sure to check out some of my other blog posts for English to Spanish translation such as how to sing happy birthday in Spanish, how to say why in Spanish, how to say yes in Spanish, and much more!

-Luke Matthews

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