Dog in Spanish : How to say dog in Spanish, puppy, and hot dog

dog in spanish

Dog in Spanish = Perro

Dogs are man’s best friend is a popular idea in the Spanish-speaking world, too. Hispanics use the word dog in Spanish with some frequency to refer to actual dogs and for other uses of the word that I will explain further on in this article. How do you say dog in Spanish? Dog in Spanish is one word that may take a little extra effort to pronounce because of that Spanish r that requires that you roll your tongue. If you are serious about learning Spanish you will want to pronounce perro like a native speaker. Just remember that Spanish speakers were not born rolling their tongues. They once had to start practicing it and after years of practice they do it without thinking.

The same principle applies to you. I would suggest that you look for videos of people rolling their r’s, look closely at what they do and sit down in front of the mirror imitating their articulation. Believe it or not, more important than giving you a lecture on phonetics, it is more effective to remind you that your brain is capable of hearing foreign sounds and finding its own way, in your articulators, to produce those sounds. So, pronouncing dog in Spanish should not be a problem for you. Puppy in Spanish is probably easier to pronounce though. Take a look.

Puppy in Spanish = Cachorro

Use cachorro when you want to refer to a puppy in Spanish. Whether you want to describe your puppy to a Spanish-speaking friend or if you want to ask someone if you can pet their puppy in Spanish, this is a good word.

puppy in spanish

Puppy in Spanish = Perrito

This one literally means “little dog”. You can use cachorro and perrito interchangeably without changing meanings. Now let’s see how to say hot dog in Spanish.

Hot dog in Spanish = Perro caliente

Hot dog in Spanish is probably more frequently used than the word itself. Why? Because it’s related to eating and that’s something Hispanics constantly compete in with other cultures. You wouldn’t believe the different kinds of hot dogs that you can find through Latin America. Hispanics took the regular hot dog and in their own terms improved it.

Bitch in Spanish = Perra

Bitch in Spanish carries a strong negative connotation with it. It can be a sexual one but the word also refers to a woman who is intentionally evil to the core. A word that neither you nor any other person want to be called. But be sure to audibly recognise it when someone uses the word. Here’s an example of street language.

Don’t mess up with that woman.  She’s a crazy bitch = No te metas con esa mujer. Es bien perra.

Now you know how to say dog, puppy, hot dog, and a couple slang words derived from the word dog in Spanish. Take your Spanish up a notch by reading the different articles here on how to learn Spanish free. Some of the most recent articles are say sister in Spanish, say good morning in Spanish, say I love you in Spanish, say hi in Spanish and many more!

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