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English to Spanish translation is really the main focal point of my website. How To Learn Spanish Free is designed to provide users the ability to do a couple things. One, scope out the best websites for learning Spanish for free or with a very minimal subscription fee. Or two, just straight up learn how to say certain words in Spanish quickly while on the go. You’re probably wondering why I write so many English to Spanish translation blog posts. I mean, all you’re really wanting on your Google search is to simply get the best English to Spanish translation you can and then bounce. But what if there are lots of ways to say a certain word or phrase in Spanish? Wouldn’t it be nice to know the different ways you can translate English to Spanish? What about translating English to Spanish when it comes to different countries? From my Spanish speaking country travels, and I’m sure many of you can attest to this, almost every Spanish speaking country has a slight variation to the most commonly used Spanish words or phrases in the Spanish language. My goal here is to give you not only the fastest English to Spanish translation but also the most accurate English to Spanish based on where you’re actually headed off to. Pretty cool right?

I know, some of you are thinking, dude, shut the front door and just let me find my translated words real quick. Totally get that. I want the same thing too most of the time. I need to look up a quick Spanish word or phrase but I don’t want to read a novel about it. Just need to know what it is and how to say it. Well I got you covered there too. I went ahead and partnered with Google Translate and integrated their English to Spanish translator directly onto my website here. I’m really one of the few select Spanish learning websites that actually has this full English to Spanish translator fully integrated into the site. What’s cool about this? Well, you can get your instant gratification of English to Spanish translation right here without having to toggle between lots of different pages and searches.

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Also, since you’re here, you can actually read a little bit deeper into the actual conjugations of the major Spanish verbs. I have lots of great articles on how to say certain Spanish words or phrases but broken down into I, you, them, us, etc. This is even better for your travels. You’ll need to properly translate English to Spanish when speaking to someone, so my blog will help walk you through the basics there in simple language. More than likely, if you’re just here to learn a quick Spanish word, you’re going to need to know how to say it in a statement or a question. So with my English to Spanish translation articles, you’ll get both the words or phrases you’re looking for as well as a quick overview of taking the word or phrase one extra step.

One thing to keep in mind with translating English to Spanish using my translator, is that it’s not always a 100% accurate. With just word searches, I would say it works really well. But when you start typing up really long sentences or paragraphs in English, the Google translator will often times starting messing the Spanish sentence structure up. When I first started learning Spanish, and I wanted to message my friends in Spanish, I would type of these long statements into Google translate and it would spit out some response, that to me at the time looked solid. However, when I sent it to friends, they had no idea what is was saying lol. So for that reason, if you really want to master the English to Spanish translation process, you probably want to start diving into some sort of actual online learning system for Spanish. Fortunately for you, since you’re probably at the beginner stages of learning Spanish, you can access a lot of really great beginner stuff for free or a very small monthly premium. By putting a small amount of time in each day, you can wean yourself off of translating English to Spanish and start actually thinking fully in Spanish. If you feel like that’s you and you’re ready to move in that direction, I would recommend these two online Spanish learning systems. Spanish Pod 101 is a bit more comprehensive but really good at giving you excellent situational Spanish examples and great conjugation. Rosetta Stone Spanish is phenomenal for straight up Spanish vocabulary learning through visual identification.

Feel free to use the tool up top as much as you want and enjoy my website! Please use the comment section as much as you want for questions, suggestions, or letting folks know about your personal experiences learning Spanish or dealing with English to Spanish translations.


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