Fuck You in Spanish : All the Best Spanish Swear Words Here!

fuck in spanish

Fuck you in Spanish = Chingate

Fuck you in Spanish is about as classy and direct as you can get. Learning how to say this classic Spanish swear word will probably not win you much points with the elderly crowd, but you’ll for sure score some street cred with the younger generation. Being able to say fuck you in Spanish will really give you some vocab firepower in those heated exchanges with bouncers who kicked you out of the club or fathers who just denied you the right to date their daughter because your a bit too aggressive. But did you know there are a plethora of ways to to say fuck off in Spanish or fuck you in Spanish? Let me break it down for you real quick. I threw some extra Spanish swear words into the mix too because I’m guessing you won’t want to stock your Spanish swear vocabulary library with just fuck you in Spanish.

Cabron – Mother fucker
Chinga tu hermana – Fuck your sister
Chinga tu madre – Fuck your mom/mother
Chinga usted – Fuck you
Chingate – Fuck you / Go fuck yourself
Cojeme – Fuck me
Jode tu madre ayer noche – I fucked your mother last night
Joder – To fuck (As in having sex)
No me jodas – Don’t fuck with me
Pinche idiota – Fuckin’ idiot
Pinche puta – Fuckin’ bitch
Qué chingados!!! – What the fuck?!
Vete a la verga culero – Fuck you asshole (Lit. Go to a dick)
Vete a la verga ruco/ruca – Fuck you senor/senorita
Yo chingé a tu madre – I fucked your mother

fuck you in spanish

Learning how to say fuck you in Spanish is probably not something I would recommend tossing into your vocabulary before learning other, more sane, more important Spanish conversational pieces (which you can find here). But hey, to each his own. I know I have used the words fuck you in Spanish at least once or twice in my lifetime.

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