Good Afternoon in Spanish : How do you say it? What is it?

good afternoon in spanish

Good afternoon in Spanish = Buenas tardes 

Good afternoon in Spanish definitely fits up there with the best Spanish phrases to keep in your vocabulary pocket. Good afternoon in Spanish is used for saying hello in Spanish and also for saying goodbye in Spanish. One of the most tricky parts about how to say good afternoon in Spanish is that in order to pronounce the word tardes correct, you need to have a slight roll of the tongue when you use the letter r. This is a great Spanish word for you to practice rolling your r’s. Its a soft word and does not require a long roll of the r, just a short one (but very important if you want the word to sound fluid and native). Learning how to say good afternoon in Spanish will help make you more approachable in your travels and also help you sound sincere.

I would say in my travels, learning greetings in Spanish will help break the ice in almost any situation such as shopping at the grocery store, ordering food at a restaurant, talking to the front desk at your hotel or hostel, meeting friends, and much more. Most of the folks I know stay up late and wake up late, so getting the day started in the afternoon is super common with travelers. For that reason, learning how to say good afternoon in Spanish is super important.

Let’s go ahead and a take a look at some examples of how to say good afternoon in Spanish.

Good afternoon, is Mrs. Smith there? – Buenas tardes, señora Smith esta allí?

Hi! Good afternoon Claudia! – ¡Hola! Buenas tardes Claudia!

Good afternoon. How can I help you? – Buenas tardes. ¿Cómo puedo ayudarte?

Good afternoon, this is Luke. – Buenas tardes. Este es Lucas.

Now that you have some solid understanding of how to say good afternoon in Spanish, you probably should take a look at how to say hello in Spanish and how to say goodbye in Spanish.

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