Goodbye in Spanish : Learn How to Say It With Luke Matthews!

how do you say goodbye in spanish

Goodbye in Spanish = Adiós!

You can pronounce is like = ah-dee-OS!

This is a word that once you use once, whether you’re trying to speak Spanish or not, you’ll end up using it the rest of your life in your normal language just because it’s such a cool word! Saying Goodbye in Spanish is one of the easiest words for your brain to stick with and remember and the action of leaving a person, event, conversation, etc, is such a common everyday event that we just keep thinking of the word over and over. But did you know there are other ways to say goodbye in Spanish? In this lesson we’re going to talk about a few different ways to say goodbye in Spanish and also few ways that folks from various countries specifically say goodbye in Spanish. This will help you understand what someone is saying when you’re visiting various Spanish speaking countries.

Another really common way to say goodbye in Spanish is also a form of Italian. I actually use this word more than using the word adiós. This words is Chau! Its a great quick way to say goodbye in Spanish and it kinda mixes Italian into it which I like as well. You can always combine the either of those forms of saying bye with including the subject of your conversation:

“señor,” “señora,” or “señorita” and so on. 

goodbye in spanish

But I’m sure you’ve heard of phrases in Spanish that also mean goodbye in Spanish too, right? Often times you’ll here folks say something that doesn’t really mean goodbye in Spanish but it means something relational to your health, your luck, or seeing you again in the future. So how do you say all of those? Great question!

One of the most common words you’ll here in the Spanish language is the word hasta. Hasta can actually be used to describe directions or a situation or a time that goes “up until” a certain point. You could think of the word hasta as up until.  Here are some great examples of how to use the word hasta.

  • Hasta mañana. (Until tomorrow.)
  • Hasta luego. (Until later.)
  • Hasta pronto. (Until soon, see you soon.)
  • Hasta entonces. (Until then.)
  • Hasta más tarde. (Until later.)
  • Hasta siempre. (Until forever. Although well known, this phrase has a very strong connotation of permanence. It might be used when a couple is separated by death). We don’t recommend using this phrase much since it might not sound sincere due to its strong meaning.

Another really common phrase that I use a lot, especially if I plan on seeing someone again that day or at a specific event, is the phrase nos vemos. The word “nos” stands for “we” and the word “vemos” if the conjugated form of “ver” which means “to see”. Vemos is the conjugation of “us” so the phrase actually means “we see us” referring to a point in the future. I know, it sounds we’re when you think about it in English because you’re thinking it’s missing a few words and things seem out of place. Welcome to Spanish 🙂 Don’t think of phrases or sentence structures as wrong but just different and correct in their own way. Your best bet is to just accept it for what it is and then start to use it as much as possible until it sounds natural and your brain accepts it.

Hopefully this articled help you learn a little bit about the different ways to say goodbye in Spanish. If you’re wondering about some other simple Spanish phrases, check out my other articles on how to say good morning in Spanish and how to say hello in Spanish.

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