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help me in spanish

Help in Spanish = Ayudar (verb)

Learning how to say help in Spanish really depends on the type of situation you find yourself in. For the most part, you will be looking to use the word help in Spanish to help you in asking someone for help on the street, in a coffee shop, at the hotel, in a taxi cab, and so on. Learning how to say help in Spanish will be critical to your adventures and you being able to get the assistance that you need. Let’s take a quick look at the conjugated forms of the Spanish verb, Ayudar. Learning how to say help me in Spanish will probably be the most important conjugation that you will need in terms of just getting by while traveling and speaking in Spanish. Here is the conjugated first person form for how to say help me in Spanish.

Help me in Spanish = Ayúdame 

This one is easy to remember because it has the word “me” thrown on at the end of it. Just think of Ayuda is help and me is the subject. Pretty simple. You could say a simple Spanish phrase like ayúdame por favor, which translates to help me please. This is a really great phrase that I use often in my everyday routines such as going to the laundromat, going to a restaurant, stopping in at the bank, or taking a taxi. So what happens if you’re traveling in a group and you want to identify how to say help us in Spanish. Learning how to say help us in Spanish will make you the instant leader of the group haha. Not sure if that’s what you want or not, but if you’re the only person that can say help us in Spanish, you don’t really have much choice. Here’s how you say help us in Spanish.

Help us in Spanish = Ayúdanos 

Nos is the conjugated form of us. You will see this used through the entire language of Spanish so this is a great first verb conjugation to learn. It’s a common word and you’re usually traveling in a group so it makes sense that you would need to know how to say help us in Spanish. Just for kicks, let me show you how to say help them in Spanish as well. I’m not sure, as new Spanish learner, how often you will be in situations where you’re instructing someone to help someone else, but nonetheless, let’s get it out in the open so you’ve heard it and can reference it in your mind.

Help them in Spanish = Ayudarles 

Les refers to them in a formal conjugation. But if you actually know the people that you’re referencing to as “them”, you can actually change the conjugation to say Ayudarlos. Los is actual more informal and is used when you actually know the person. Now that we’ve got all the general situations out of the way in terms of how to say help in Spanish, what do we say if it’s a crazy emergency and some dude just got his arm chopped off in a freak elevator accident? Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but you get my point. Basically, how to you say HELP! in Spanish? It’s actually pronounced using a completely different word that the verb Ayudar. Let’s take a look below for how to say HELP! in Spanish.


help in spanish

HELP! in Spanish =Auxilio!

Really, it means “aid” rather than help. But in an emergency type setting where you need serious help, yelling this word would get you more attention. Good know. God forbid you ever have to use the word in real life. I pray that you don’t.

I hope this was helpful in teaching you how to say help in Spanish! I would love for you to check out more of my articles on learning the basic phrases and words in Spanish which will help you travel and communicate better. If you have some time, click over to my other articles such as how to say hello in Spanish, how to say I love you in Spanish, how to say goodbye in Spanish, how to tell time in Spanish, and how to say good morning in Spanish.

My two recommendations for basic Spanish learning, such as phrases like these, are Rosetta Stone and Spanish Pod 101.

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