Hungry in Spanish : I am Hungry, You are Hungry, and More!

i am hungry in spanish

Hungry in Spanish = Hambriento 

Feeling of desire for food 

Hungry in Spanish actually has a few different ways that you can say it. Hambriento really stand for something as a reference rather than representing one person’s or group’s literal expression that they are hungry.

If we were wanting to say that someone or some group specifically is hungry in Spanish, which is more like “to be” hungry we could say the following:

“I am hungry” in Spanish = Tengo hambre

In this Spanish phrase we’re using the verb Tener, which means to have in Spanish. When we want to say I am hungry in Spanish, and use the Spanish phrase tengo hambre, we’re actually saying I have hunger. I know it sounds a little weird. In English we would actually use the verb to be rather than to have. In English we would say I am hungry rather than I have hunger. Once again, I am going to suggest to you, don’t over this this, just learn it for what it is and accept it. Learning how to say I am hungry in Spanish is critical to your travels in Latin speaking countries – especially if you’re with a group of Spanish speakers who do not speak English and you need to let them know that you are hungry.

What if we wanted to say are you hungry in Spanish? This is another great question to ask your Spanish speaking friends when you’re out and about. In this case we would actually say something similar to tengo hambre, except this time we are going to conjugate the verb to have into the you form.

“You are hungry” in Spanish = Tienes hambre

This can really be a statement or, more often times, it is a question towards someone like your friend, spouse, etc. This is literally stating or asking the question “you have hunger” or “do you have hunger?“. This will be another really common Spanish phrase that you will use in your travels through Latin countries. To be honest, you’ll probably hear this more often asked towards you from someone you’re with if they are a Spanish speaker such as a tour guide, etc. What would we say if we wanted to say we are hungry in Spanish? Great question! Let’s take a look below on how to say we are hungry in Spanish. Again, we’re going to use the verb Tener, which means to have, and we’re going to conjugate it into the we form of the verb, which is for nosotros.

“We are hungry” in Spanish = Nosotros tenemos hambre or Tenemos hambre

hungry in spanish

Lastly, to finish this article out, what would we say if we wanted to say they are hungry in Spanish? I bet you can guess what verb we’re going to use again here – Tener! We want to saying that they have hunger in Spanish. Really, you probably won’t be using this Spanish phrase as much as I am hungry in Spanish or you are hungry in Spanish, but it’s a solid one to know and understand and you can reference it when you do find yourself in a situation with more people.

They are hungry in Spanish = Ellos tienen hambre or Tienen hambre

I hope this article was helpful in your quick search for how to say hungry in Spanish. Of course I don’t really go into the past tense or future tense of this word or the verb Tener, which is used to convey hunger, but it’s a good starting point for you if you’re just learning Spanish for the first time. If you have a couple extra quick minutes, take a glance at some of my other great articles on basic Spanish phrases such as how to say help in Spanish, how to say I love you in Spanish, how to say hi in Spanish, and many more!

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