Kiss in Spanish : Learn How to Ask for a Kiss ;)

kiss me in spanish

Kiss in Spanish = Beso 

Kiss in Spanish is probably one of the most requested English to Spanish translation requests that I get here on my website for how to learn Spanish free. I know for me, traveling through Latin America has its perks of beautiful Latin women. Going on dates and knowing how to say the word kiss in Spanish is essential to being romantic and hitting it off. Telling a girl that you want to kiss her in Spanish is not only sexy but sort of required since the most women in Latin America don’t speak English too well. For you girls who are traveling, you’ll probably here this word a lot if you’re being wooed by a Latin guy. He’ll tell you hundred times that he wants to kiss you in Spanish. It’s probably a good idea that you know what he’s saying 🙂

Saying kiss in Spanish is also used often with girls or women who are saying goodbye in Spanish to someone they are friends with or in a relationship with. Just like girls or women would say the word kisses to someone in English, the same can be said for girls or women in Spanish speaking countries. When using this phrase for kiss in Spanish, the actual term used is called besitos which literally translates to kisses.

What if you wanted to ask for a kiss? Great question! Let’s take a look below at how to ask for a kiss in Spanish or tell someone to give you a kiss in Spanish.

Give me a kiss in Spanish = Dame un beso 

Here, the word dame comes from the verb Dar which means, “to give”. Me in the word dame refers to yourself. So the literal translation here means “give me a kiss”. Now that you know how to demand a kiss from someone in Spanish or to ask for a kiss in Spanish from someone, let’s take a look at how to simplify that down and just say kiss me in Spanish.

kiss in spanish

Kiss me in Spanish = Bésame

Here you can see that the action phrase is striped down even more. In stead of using the verb “to give”, we actually are using the verb “to kiss” which is besarBésame is a great quick way of saying something sweet to someone you’re probably already seeing or hanging out with. If not, it kinda comes across as aggressive and a bit out of place.

What if you wanted to ask someone for a kiss? Like more of a question rather than a command or a statement? That’s a great question! Let’s take a quick look below and walk through it together.

Can I have a kiss in Spanish = ¿Puedo tener un beso?

Here we’re mixing it up a little and using three different verbs in this question. Poder, which means to be able to. Tener, which means to have. And lastly, Besar, which means to kiss in Spanish. Whenever you have a verb followed with with a another verb in Spanish, the second verb is left unconjugated typically. So in this case, Poder is conjugated to first person present, which is Puedo. The verb Tener, which means to have, is left unconjugated. And the verb to kiss is conjugated into a simple reference point not directed at any subject. It just represents the word kiss in general.

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