How to Learn Spanish at Home

how to learn spanish at home

This is a question that I get a lot from folks who live in the USA (or in any country for that matter) and really don’t have the freedom to just pick and move to another country. Most of their time in life is spent either at their workplace or their humble abode.

In this series of articles I will break down my best practices of How to Learn Spanish at Home quickly and effectively using things like self talk, vocabulary labels throughout your home, listening to Spanish music while you clean your home, and watching kids movies in Spanish at home. Let’s get started and then I will direct you to the best Spanish learning websites for each suggestion on how to learn Spanish at home fast.

learn spanish at home

Covered in this series of articles on How to Learn Spanish at Home quickly and efficiently, we’ll cover topics like:

  • Practicing Spanish in the morning and why that is important.
  • Ways to learn Spanish in your home by using things like stickers, sticky notes, labels, etc.
  • Making time to practice Spanish at home in terms of a schedule and sticking to it.
  • Learning Spanish by re-watching your favorite movies but in Spanish and how your brain will grow quicker.
  • Talking to yourself in Spanish when you are at home doing chores or sitting around (sounds crazy but it works!)
  • Listening to Spanish podcasts, YouTube, or online audio lessons.
  • Learn really great Spanish phrases such ash hello in Spanish, good morning in Spanish, and goodbye in Spanish, and I love you in Spanish.
  • And more articles to come as I magically think of them lol

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