I Love You in Spanish : How do you say I love you in Spanish?

how do you say I love you in spanish

I love you in Spanish = Yo te amo

Spanish grammar says that it is not required use the personal pronoun in this context, so you can ditch the word yo if you want. How do you say I love you in Spanish is one of my personal favorite requests here on my website.

Do you really want to sweep a girl off her feet? I love you in Spanish is a great way to make that happen. I would say of all the Spanish vocabulary questions I get on my site and from my friends, learning how to say I love you in Spanish is definitely the MOST popular. Why? Because its sexy! Just so you have a quick understanding of what the different words are in the phrase “I love you in Spanish”, let me help break them down for you real quick. What you’ll find is that the structure of this Spanish phrase is the same as any first person statement. This is a great one to practice with too 😉

Te amo is the romantic way of saying “I love you”, so it should only be used when speaking or writing to someone you’re serious about. It is a very intimate way of saying “I love you”.


Yo = I (simply identifying yourself)

te = You

amo = i love (the conjugated version of amar “to love”)

Yo te amo or just Te amo


i love you in spanish


But like any Spanish phrase, such as I love you in Spanish, you can say I love you in Spanish in several other ways. One thing that is most confusing with Spanish is that there seems to always be several ways to say the same thing in Spanish. Let’s take a look at some others ways to say I love you in Spanish.

The second way to say I love you in Spanish but its much more friendly and playful is to say:

Te quiero (I like/love you)

This is like saying you really like someone or you love them in a playful way. We say this with our friends and family all the time in conversations, joking around, or just simply telling someone that you like them as a human being. I like this form a lot and it can be used really often in your everyday life.

I hope this article helps you along your way with sharing your heart with your loved one! If you’re wondering how to say other Spanish phrases check out my articles on how to say hello in Spanish, how to say good morning in Spanish, and how to say goodbye in Spanish.

For really basic vocabulary phrases like I love you in Spanish, I would recommend Spanish Pod 101 beginner level podcasts or if you want to pick up Level 1 of Rosetta Stone, it’s also really great. I have used both and I highly recommend either one. Spanish Pod 101 is a little bit more mobile friendly and on the go where Rosetta Stone is a little more crisp to look at with better images, etc.

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