Mean in Spanish : How to say mean, rude, aggressive, & inconsiderate

mean in spanish

Mean in Spanish = Malo

I have some news for you about politeness and impoliteness in the Spanish-speaking world. Things are a bit different. That’s why I’m devoting this article to teach you how to say mean, rude, inconsiderate and aggressive in Spanish. You will need these words. Trust me. I’m not suggesting that people in Spanish-speaking countries are incredibly mean or rude. I’m just saying that if you are a globetrotter like me, you will find many people with different sets of values and standards for personal interaction. Don’t ask me about details. Just try to remember the following words and the advices I’ll share with you.

In an ideal world, there are no mean human beings. But people will always be people. Therefore, the word mean in Spanish is one you can’t miss. Say malo to describe a person who intentionally acts in a malicious, unkind way.

Mean in Spanish = Malo (masculine)

In Spanish, all adjectives, that is, all words that describe characteristics of people, objects or ideas, must indicate in themselves the gender of the word they describe. The word mean in Spanish is one of those words. That is why if you want to say that a man or a boy is mean, the Spanish word for mean (malo) must end in “o” as in the phrase I just showed you.

Mean in Spanish = Mala (feminine)

Continuing with the explanation about Spanish adjectives ending in “a” or “o”, if you want to call a woman or a girl mean in Spanish the word for mean –mala– must end in “a” because that is the ending for feminine words.

aggressive in spanish

Rude in Spanish = Grosero

When someone is socially incorrect in behavior you should use the word rude in Spanish to tell them off. One good way of doing this is by telling them “don’t be rude” in Spanish. Here’s the Spanish phrase for that.

Don’t be rude in Spanish = No seas grosero

Another useful phrase to reprimand someone would be…

You are so rude in Spanish = Eres muy grosero (for a male)

You are so rude in Spanish = Eres muy grosera (for a female)

If your conversation occurs at the workplace or in a formal environment and you want to sound more polite, you may use the word inconsiderate in Spanish. Look at how to say that in the following line.

Inconsiderate in Spanish = Desconsiderado

If a person is acting without thought or consideration of you or someone else, you may use the word inconsiderate in Spanish. Here is a phrase that you can use regardless of gender and person you are talking to.

Now that you know how to say phrases like mean in Spanish, rude in Spanish, aggressive in Spanish, and inconsiderate in Spanish – you can officially let people know how you feel about them 🙂 Be sure to check out some of my other blog posts from my how to learn Spanish free blog such as how to say where are you in Spanish, good morning in Spanish, good afternoon in Spanish, and more!

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