Mom in Spanish : How to say mom in Spanish? Mother in Spanish?

mother in spanish

Mom in Spanish = Mamá

Mom in Spanish is a pretty simple one to learn. Why? Well it sounds a lot like the word for mom in English already. The one thing to know about the mom in Spanish is that you need to be sure to pronounce the a at the end of the word with more emphasis. That hyphen you see has more of a influence in words rather than just speaking through the word. If you miss this point, you’re going to have a tough time pronouncing Spanish words correctly. When you say the word mom in Spanish, mamá, be sure to drag that a out a little when you pronounce it.

Mamá is obviously how you say mom, but how would you say the word mother in Spanish?

Mother in Spanish = Madre

Mother in Spanish is one of my favorite words in Spanish. I love my mother to death so for me the word mother in Spanish has much more significance than almost any other word in Spanish. Madre is probably the most common word you would see used to introduce or let people know about your mother.

mom in spanish

Mommy in Spanish = Mamí

There is another way you say mom in Spanish or mother in Spanish. This version actually has a literal family sense and then it also can be used as a way to hit on a girl or use it in more of a flirtatious way. Mamí is another way to say mom in Spanish. It’s like saying mommy in Spanish or momma in Spanish. As you can see, mamí could really be used by a toddler, a weird adult who still calls their mom that, or a guy picking up a beautiful girl at a club. Your call.

Now that you know how to say mom in Spanish and mother in Spanish, you can now introduce your mother or talk crap about someone else’s. Hope this article helped you along your way today! Be sure to check out some of my other English to Spanish translation articles such as how to say why in Spanish, how to say when in Spanish, how to say yes in Spanish, and many more.

-Luke Matthews

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