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Learn Spanish : The great debate between formal and informal learning

Learn Spanish : The great debate between formal and informal learning Learning a new language is hard work – and for many a pretty uninspiring task one at that. After all, have you ever learned to chat someone up during your quest to master a language – what about your ...
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sad in spanish

Sad in Spanish : How to say sad in Spanish, I’m sad, are you sad

Sad in Spanish = Triste I doubt you will ever feel sad while travelling to a Spanish-speaking country. But if you do and you have to tell others how you feel, how do you say sad in Spanish? The word you’re looking for is triste. I like that triste is ...
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car in spanish

Car in Spanish : How to say car in Spanish, motorcycle, bus, and truck

Car in Spanish = Carro Often times I’m hanging out with friends who ask me questions such as how do you say car in Spanish? Or what is car in Spanish? All they want is to hear me say a Spanish word. But many of you landed here because you ...
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pretty in spanish

Pretty in Spanish : How to say pretty, attractive, gorgeous, & stunning

Pretty in Spanish = Linda Did you know that there are more than five different ways to describe a girl’s beauty in Spanish? On a previous article on How to Learn Spanish free I explained how to say beautiful in Spanish. But Spanish is just as rich a language as ...
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kitten in spanish

Cat in Spanish : How to say cat in Spanish, kitten, catwoman, lion, & tiger

Cat in Spanish = Gato Cats are the most common pet in the world. According to the Ecology Global Network, there are about 600 million of cats on earth. Latin America and Spain house a great number of these felines. Many Spanish-speakers are cat lovers and they like to talk ...
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mean in spanish

Mean in Spanish : How to say mean, rude, aggressive, & inconsiderate

Mean in Spanish = Malo I have some news for you about politeness and impoliteness in the Spanish-speaking world. Things are a bit different. That’s why I’m devoting this article to teach you how to say mean, rude, inconsiderate and aggressive in Spanish. You will need these words. Trust me ...
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how to say ugly in spanish

Ugly in Spanish : How to say you’re ugly, that is ugly, and more!

Ugly in Spanish = Feo If you’re here because you want to learn how to call a person ugly in Spanish, you are not going to like this: that makes you ugly! But I’m still generous enough to teach you how to say ugly in Spanish. In this article, you ...
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youre beautiful in spanish

Beautiful in Spanish : How to say beautiful, you’re beautiful, how beautiful

Beautiful in Spanish = Hermosa Just imagine walking down streets crowded with women so beautiful that they could easily be candidates for the Miss Universe pageant. That’s what you get to see in many different Latin American countries. Tons of beautiful women! If you are a guy like me the ...
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cool in spanish

Cool in Spanish : How to say cool in Spanish

Cool in Spanish = Fresco How do you say cool in Spanish? If that was a question in a written test, this would be a very unfortunate day for the student. Why? He would probably fail to remember all the possible words for cool in Spanish right out of his ...
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home in spanish

House in Spanish : How to say house, home, apartment, ranch, & slum

House in Spanish = Casa How do you say house in Spanish? I had never laughed so much with someone as when my friend once almost ended up in the wrong place in South America because he didn’t know the word for house in Spanish. Long story short, a girl ...
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dog in spanish

Dog in Spanish : How to say dog in Spanish, puppy, and hot dog

Dog in Spanish = Perro Dogs are man’s best friend is a popular idea in the Spanish-speaking world, too. Hispanics use the word dog in Spanish with some frequency to refer to actual dogs and for other uses of the word that I will explain further on in this article ...
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how to say daughter in spanish

Daughter in Spanish : How to say daughter, step daughter, and more!

Daughter in Spanish = Hija The word daughter in Spanish is another very frequently used word. On my trips to Latin America I have noticed that most families are very large and that women outnumber men. That’s why the word daughter in Spanish is used a lot, just as much ...
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how to say son in spanish

Son in Spanish : How to say son, step son, & son-in-law

Son in Spanish = Hijo The word son in Spanish is one of the most frequently used words according to statistics on the Spanish language. A fact that I have noticed during my trips around Latin America (though not in Spain) is a high rate of birth and a large ...
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sister in spanish

Sister in Spanish : How to say sister, sister-in-law, step sister

Sister in Spanish = Hermana Knowing how to say sister in Spanish is a blessing. And that is for sure less debatable than whether having a sister is a blessing in itself. Kidding! Both things are a blessing. But adding the word sister in Spanish to my vocabulary enabled me ...
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money in spanish

Money in Spanish : How to say money, cash, currency, cost

Money in Spanish = Dinero (El dinero) If there´s something you need to know and that you can’t afford ignoring if you want to get around in Latin America or Spain that’s how to say money in Spanish. Whether you are travelling as a regular tourist or if your mission ...
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brother in law in spanish

Brother in Spanish : How to say brother, brothers, & brother-in-law

Brother in Spanish = Hermano Brother in Spanish is one of my absolute favorites! I normally call every guy I talk to brother anyways, so learning how to say brother in Spanish was a great addition to my Spanish vocabulary. The word for brother in Spanish can be used for ...
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how to say how are you in spanish

How are you in Spanish : How are you doing, What’s Up, How Are Things

How are you in Spanish (informal) = ¿Cómo estás? Cómo = How in Spanish  Estás= You (informally)  How are you in Spanish is a great way to start a conversation, greet someone in passing, and also not sound like like a selfish uncaring schmuck - all the above. Learning how ...
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how to say please in spanish

Please in Spanish : How to say please and pleases in Spanish

Please in Spanish = Por favor (asking for something politely)  Please in Spanish is something you'll want to learn if you don't want to sound rude. If you don't already use the word Please in English or your normal language....shame on you, start using it now. Lol. Learning how and ...
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dad in spanish

Dad in Spanish : How to say dad, father, and step father

Dad in Spanish = Papá (El papá ) Dad in Spanish is much like how you would say mom in Spanish. Dad in Spanish actually has a few different forms, but the most common one is Papá. Much like the pronunciation of the word Mamá, you need to make sure you ...
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mother in spanish

Mom in Spanish : How to say mom in Spanish? Mother in Spanish?

Mom in Spanish = Mamá Mom in Spanish is a pretty simple one to learn. Why? Well it sounds a lot like the word for mom in English already. The one thing to know about the mom in Spanish is that you need to be sure to pronounce the a ...
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apologize in spanish

Sorry in Spanish : How to say sorry in Spanish or apologize

Sorry in Spanish or Apologize in Spanish Sorry in Spanish or apologize in Spanish is unfortunately a word/phrase that you will definitely want to know. Especially since you’re going to be trying your hand at saying new things in Spanish. You may end up saying something you didn’t mean and ...
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how to say yes in Spanish

Yes in Spanish : How to say yes in Spanish with Luke Matthews!

Yes in Spanish = Sí  Yes in Spanish is essential to your conversations in Spanish, answering questions, confirming appointments, and so on. You probably use the word yes in English almost every other sentence. Equally, you’ll probably use the word yes in Spanish for the vast majority of your conversations ...
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happy birthday song in spanish

Happy Birthday in Spanish : How do you say it? Happy birthday song?

Happy birthday in Spanish = ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Happy birthday in Spanish is obviously a clutch Spanish phrase to know. Learning how to say happy birthday in Spanish is great for friends' birthday parties, congratulating someone in Spanish on their special day, or saying happy birthday to someone in passing. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! is ...
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how to say thank you in spanish

Thank You in Spanish : How do you say thank you or thanks in Spanish?

Thank you in Spanish = Gracias  Thank you in Spanish will get you a long ways with the locals. Not saying thank you will make you look like a foreign prick. It's your choice, so choose to use this word often and with a smile if you want to mesh ...
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dating in spanish

Date in Spanish : How to say date, go on a date, dating in Spanish

Date in Spanish = Fecha  Date in Spanish has many different meanings. As you well know, it's important to know how to say the word date in Spanish so that you can reference or tell someone what day of the week, month, or year that it is. Knowing how to ...
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how to say good luck in spanish

Good Luck in Spanish : How To Say Good Luck in Spanish

Good luck in Spanish = Buena suerte  Good luck in Spanish is something that I say quite often to both friends and strangers. Some of the examples of how you could use the phrase good luck in Spnaish would along the lines of if you're helping someone look for a ...
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goodnight in spanish

Goodnight in Spanish : How to Say Good Night & Sweet Dreams

Goodnight in Spanish = Buenas noches Goodnight in Spanish is great to know when traveling through Spanish speaking countries. Goodnight in Spanish is something you'll use almost everyday if you're going to have any interaction with people at night. Buenas noches is probably the most common form of how to ...
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good afternoon in spanish

Good Afternoon in Spanish : How do you say it? What is it?

Good afternoon in Spanish = Buenas tardes  Good afternoon in Spanish definitely fits up there with the best Spanish phrases to keep in your vocabulary pocket. Good afternoon in Spanish is used for saying hello in Spanish and also for saying goodbye in Spanish. One of the most tricky parts about ...
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im good in spanish

Good in Spanish : How to Say Good, I’m Good, It’s All Good

Good in Spanish = Bueno (Adjective) or Bien (Adverb) Good in Spanish is by far one of the most common Spanish words you'll say as you progress in your Spanish learning. So really the main question here, if you're anything like me, is trying to remember basic English grammar from ...
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fuck in spanish

Fuck You in Spanish : All the Best Spanish Swear Words Here!

Fuck you in Spanish = Chingate Fuck you in Spanish is about as classy and direct as you can get. Learning how to say this classic Spanish swear word will probably not win you much points with the elderly crowd, but you'll for sure score some street cred with the younger generation ...
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kiss me in spanish

Kiss in Spanish : Learn How to Ask for a Kiss ;)

Kiss in Spanish = Beso  Kiss in Spanish is probably one of the most requested English to Spanish translation requests that I get here on my website for how to learn Spanish free. I know for me, traveling through Latin America has its perks of beautiful Latin women. Going on ...
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i am hungry in spanish

Hungry in Spanish : I am Hungry, You are Hungry, and More!

Hungry in Spanish = Hambriento  Feeling of desire for food  Hungry in Spanish actually has a few different ways that you can say it. Hambriento really stand for something as a reference rather than representing one person's or group's literal expression that they are hungry. If we were wanting to ...
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how do you say when in spanish

When in Spanish : How Do You Say When in Spanish here!

When in Spanish = Cuándo  When in Spanish is probably one of the most important words you can possibly learn. You'll use the word when in Spanish for asking questions as well as many other parts of general conversations such as giving directions to someone, telling a story, and explaining how ...
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how do you say why in spanish

Why in Spanish : How to Say Why in Spanish with Luke Matthews!

Why in Spanish = Por qué Why in Spanish is an important piece of your everyday Spanish vocabulary. I know for me, I ask why in Spanish probably half the conversations I involve myself in. Understanding the structure of how to say why in Spanish will help you extend your normal ...
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i want in spanish

Want in Spanish : Learn How to Say I Want and You Want

Want in Spanish = Querer (verb for "to want")  I want in Spanish = Yo quiero (1st person conjugated form of Querer) Want in Spanish is definitely an important verb for you to learn as you continue your Spanish learning journey. Obviously you will want to fully understand the different ...
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where in Spanish

Where Are You in Spanish : Learn How to Say it Here!

Where are you in Spanish = ¿Donde estás? This is the informal way of saying where are you in Spanish. You would use this form if you were talking to your friends or family. If you were talking to someone who you don't know that well and you wanted to ...
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you re welcome in spanish

Your Welcome in Spanish : How do you say you’re welcome in Spanish?

Your Welcome in Spanish = De Nada  (Really the correct English is You're Welcome but my readers keep asking me how to say "your welcome in Spanish" so I thought I would play along lol) This is a Spanish phrase that you should be using quite often if you want ...
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help me in spanish

Help in Spanish : How to Say it with Luke Matthews!

Help in Spanish = Ayudar (verb) Learning how to say help in Spanish really depends on the type of situation you find yourself in. For the most part, you will be looking to use the word help in Spanish to help you in asking someone for help on the street, ...
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what time in spanish

Time in Spanish : Telling Time and What Time Is It

Time in Spanish = hora or tiempo  If you're referring to the actual hour of time you would use the hora. This will be critical for you to know if you want to learn how to tell time in Spanish. We will cover some critical points of the word hora here ...
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how do you say I love you in spanish

I Love You in Spanish : How do you say I love you in Spanish?

I love you in Spanish = Yo te amo Spanish grammar says that it is not required use the personal pronoun in this context, so you can ditch the word yo if you want. How do you say I love you in Spanish is one of my personal favorite requests here on my ...
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how do you say goodbye in spanish

Goodbye in Spanish : Learn How to Say It With Luke Matthews!

Goodbye in Spanish = Adiós! You can pronounce is like = ah-dee-OS! This is a word that once you use once, whether you're trying to speak Spanish or not, you'll end up using it the rest of your life in your normal language just because it's such a cool word! ...
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how do you say hello in Spanish

Hello In Spanish : Learn How To Say It Here!

Hello in Spanish = Hola!  Pronounce it "oh-la," remembering to keep the "h" silent There are many ways to say hello in Spanish, but in general, hola is the most common and the most preferred. But if you're new to Spanish, it's good for you to know several other ways ...
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morning in spanish

Good Morning in Spanish – How do you say it? Learn here!

Good Morning in Spanish = Buenos Días!  Buenos días translates into "good days" and you can pronounce the word buenos días as boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs. How do you say good morning in Spanish is one of the questions I get asked the most here on my website. Now that we've got your burning ...
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how to speak spanish fast

How to Speak Spanish Fast

Learning how to speak Spanish fast is everyone's dream. I know I for sure didn't want to struggle through getting to that point. I just wanted it to happen fast. Turns out, it's not that easy!'s not easy if you don't know how to approach it. The truth is, ...
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listening to spanish audio lessons

Listening to Spanish: Podcast, YouTube, and more

Listening to Spanish can be fun and fulfilling in your journey to mastering the Spanish language at home, while you're driving, while you're working out, or any other daily activity. But before we talk more about this, I want to give you some insight into listening to Spanish. This may ...
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practicing spanish at home

3 Ways to Learn Spanish at Home

The ways to learn Spanish at home can be difficult with all the different distractions you have going on around you all the time. I know for me personally, I consider myself one of the "un-diagnosed ADD" individuals so whatever looks more exciting in my mind - that's where I go ...
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practicing spanish

Practicing Spanish in the Morning

Practicing Spanish in the morning can be really tough - especially when you're mind is already racing through getting your day started, checking your social media accounts, or preparing the kiddos for school (if you have them). But did you know that your brain is most open to new information during ...
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how to learn spanish at home

How to Learn Spanish at Home

This is a question that I get a lot from folks who live in the USA (or in any country for that matter) and really don't have the freedom to just pick and move to another country. Most of their time in life is spent either at their workplace or ...
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Marketing for Hispanics : How to market to Latinos

Marketing to Hispanics is a completely new different ball game compared to English speaking users. Learn how to market to the Latino crowd will give you access to ten's of millions more people around the world than just solely marketing your business in English. Many folks are turning to digital ...
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