Please in Spanish : How to say please and pleases in Spanish

how to say please in spanish

Please in Spanish = Por favor

(asking for something politely) 

Please in Spanish is something you’ll want to learn if you don’t want to sound rude. If you don’t already use the word Please in English or your normal language….shame on you, start using it now. Lol. Learning how and when to say the word please in Spanish will help you come across nicer to folks and also help you make friends as you travel through Spanish speaking countries. However, the word please can actually mean much more than just an expression for politely asking for something. Let’s take a quick look at what they other forms of please are in Spanish.

Sometimes we want to use the word please when we’re really annoyed with someone or something. One of the common ways of using the word please in Spanish is to say the phrase, Por Dios! Which translates more or less to Come on! Please! Here are some examples of what that might look like.

please in spanish

Will you close the door, please! – ¡Por Dios! Vas a cerrar la puerta, por favor?

Seriously, shut your mouth, please! – En serio, cierra la boca, por favor!

Then there are the times when we want to use the word please in Spanish to express something along the lines of being pleased or satisfied with something. Take a look at the sample situations below.

My work pleases my boss. – Mi trabajo agrada a mi jefe.

It does not please my mom when I come home late. – Que no agrada a mi madre cuando vuelva a casa tarde.

It pleases my girlfriend when I don’t kiss other girls. – Agrada a mi novia cuando yo no beso a otras chicas.

Learning how to say please in Spanish will get you a long ways with folks you might be staying with, taxis you might be using, front desk help you’re dealing with, and so on. Now that you know how to say please in Spanish, take a look at how to say thank you in Spanish or how to say your welcome in Spanish.

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