Practicing Spanish in the Morning

practicing spanish

Practicing Spanish in the morning can be really tough – especially when you’re mind is already racing through getting your day started, checking your social media accounts, or preparing the kiddos for school (if you have them). But did you know that your brain is most open to new information during the first 30 minutes of your body waking up? By getting your brain active and thinking on new information, you have a tendency to not really think about why something is what it is – you just know that’s what it means and you move on. This can be bad if you read tabloids a lot haha…or it can be fantastic if you’re learning Spanish in the morning 🙂

Practicing Spanish in the morning allows your brain to think in Spanish and not try and rationalize in English. You just simply follow your Spanish courses online and your brain assumes that’s what each real life situation or object is. Much like a child learns! Don’t question just believe it and know that’s what it means. Practicing Spanish in the morning will allow you to essentially sponge up information like a child without even thinking about it. Your mind is fresh, full of coffee (or tea, or water), and ready to learn.

practicing spanish at home

Here are some great tips on how to learn Spanish in the mornings at home:

  • Start your day putting some Spanish speaking music on while you make your breakfast or get ready.
  • Do at least 15 minutes of online vocabulary, verb learning, or audio style lessons
  • Don’t practice Spanish while looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….you get what I’m saying 😉
  • Don’t practice Spanish while checking emails or doing anything else that effects your brains ready to learn state of mind.
  • Relax and don’t over think. Just look at what it is you’re learning and accept it for what it is.
  • When you leave for work, school, or wherever you’re headed for the day, think about that exact lesson and use those new terms or material at least 3 times that day. Doesn’t matter when, just make a point to do it! It can be right away or throughout the day.
  • Write down your examples you came up on a piece of paper. Doesn’t matter what paper, but your brain always remembers things easier by just jotting it down. You don’t even need to keep the paper, that’s not the point.


Practicing Spanish can be a ton of fun in the morning. It keeps you from starting your morning out with all the worries and what ifs for the day and really lets your brain grow. Sometimes, practicing Spanish in the mornings will be frustrating. But as the famous quote goes, “If it was easy, everyone would do it”. I want to encourage you to really dig in during the AM hours and spend at least 15 minutes everyday relaxing with a nice cup of something and letting your brain soak up the Spanish language.

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