Pretty in Spanish : How to say pretty, attractive, gorgeous, & stunning

pretty in spanish

Pretty in Spanish = Linda

Did you know that there are more than five different ways to describe a girl’s beauty in Spanish? On a previous article on How to Learn Spanish free I explained how to say beautiful in Spanish. But Spanish is just as rich a language as English when it comes to different lexical choices to describe the same thing. In this article, I will teach you how to say pretty, very pretty, attractive, gorgeous and stunning in Spanish.

Let’s first take a look at the word pretty = linda. Say linda to a woman or child that you think has conventionally accepted elements of beauty. What makes a person pretty on the inside is more of a philosophical conversation and we will not discuss that in this article. Let’s agree for now that we can call pretty any lady or girl with a nice, attractive face. Pretty in Spanish sounds just like the English name “Lynda”. The only difference is that the letter “i” in the Spanish word linda sounds more like the long vowel sound in the world “lean”, not short as the “y” sound in the name Lynda. But the word alone doesn’t quite cut it. Let me show you one phrase Spanish-speakers actually use to compliment on a girl.

Pretty girl in Spanish = Linda chica

Complimenting girls is a universal thing. Say linda chica anywhere in Latin America and even Spain and you will be understood to be saying pretty girl in Spanish. Phonetically spelled, the whole phrase sounds something like leen-dah chee-kah. If you’re looking to say something a little stronger than pretty girl in Spanish, you will like the following phrase.

Very pretty in Spanish = Muy linda

Adding the word muy to linda magnifies the compliment and consequently, the reaction. Say muy linda and you will win the hearts of many. The next word conveys the same message as pretty in Spanish but it carries more of a sensual connotation in it.

very pretty in spanish

Attractive in Spanish = Atractiva in Spanish

You can even say very pretty in Spanish to any female friend. But when you want to make it clear that you are sexually interested, you say attractive in Spanish. I’ll show you another word that implies physical attraction but in a more diplomatic manner.

Gorgeous in Spanish = Preciosa

Georgeius in Spanish means the same as English: indescribably beautiful but not necessarily sexually attractive. Use the word preciosa with someone you have develop some closeness with. Last but not least, the next word is an alternative way of describing a person’s attractive appearance.

Stunning in Spanish = Deslumbrante

Stunning in Spanish means beyond gorgeous. The word is deslumbrante. You may be tempted to use this word as soon as you land in a Latin American country, but be patient and after a couple days, you will realize who really deserves the title.

That was all about how to say pretty in Spanish in many different ways. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to keep learning more Spanish vocabulary, check out my other articles on how to learn Spanish free and learn to say cat in Spanish, mean in Spanish, say beautiful in Spanish, say cool in Spanish and many more!

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