Sad in Spanish : How to say sad in Spanish, I’m sad, are you sad

sad in spanish

Sad in Spanish = Triste

I doubt you will ever feel sad while travelling to a Spanish-speaking country. But if you do and you have to tell others how you feel, how do you say sad in Spanish? The word you’re looking for is triste. I like that triste is a gender neutral Spanish adjective. What that means is you don’t need to worry about ending the word in “a” or “o” to make it correspond with the gender of the person or thing being described as sad in Spanish. You simply keep the same spelling of the word whether it is you or he or she who is sad. Let’s take a look at how to say I am sad in Spanish.

I am sad in Spanish = Estoy triste

You may be wondering why it’s two words in Spanish while three in English. The phrase estoy triste is literally am sad. The pronoun for “I” is not there. The reason is that in Spanish you can leave out the pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc) when a particular verb conjugation is enough to express who is speaking. In the ear of Spanish speakers, the word estoy is a conjugation that means “I am”. For them, and now for you too, it is obvious that whoever says estoy, is speaking about himself. Then, both of the following sentences are valid.

I am sad = Yo estoy triste
I am sad = Estoy triste

Being a little sad is one thing, but being very sad is another. Let me show you how to say very sad in Spanish.

Very sad in Spanish = Muy triste

Say muy triste to convey very sad in Spanish. Let me show you how to specify whether it is you that is very sad or something that is very sad.

I’m very sad = Estoy muy triste
That’s very sad! = Eso es muy triste

We sometimes talk about how other people are feeling. The next phrases teaches you to say and ask whether they are sad in Spanish.

They are sad in Spanish = Están tristes
Are they sad? = ¿Están tristes?

As I explained at the beginning of this article, the word for sad in Spanish is gender neutral. However, it must include the letter “s” if it is expressing that several people are sad. What we call plural. The following phrases show you how to say they are sad in Spanish.

They are sad = Ellas están tristes (female)
They are sad = Ellos están tristes (male)

What about when we feel down? Check out the next phrase and learn to say we are sad in Spanish.

We are sad in Spanish = Estamos tristes

In this case, you don’t have to necessarily add the pronoun “we” in Spanish, because the conjugation “estamos” makes it clear that it is us who are sad. But if you do, the pronoun must indicate whether “we” are male or female, as in the following example.

We are sad = Nosotras estamos tristes (female – plural)
We are sad = Nosotros estamos tristes (male – plural)

I feel down = me siento decaído

It is important that you are able to both say and understand this expression. You might have to use it or hear it in a conversation. And you need to know how to respond to someone who tell you they feel down in Spanish. I’ll give you a bonus phrase. If you ever find yourself having to give some encouragement to a sad friend in Spanish, here is a quote that may help someone reflect about their perspective of life.

Men are disturbed not by what happens, but by their opinions about what happens
Los hombres se ven perturbados, no por lo que pasa, sino por su opinión sobre lo que pasa.

This phrase is intended to help us rethink our opinions and our reactions based on our opinions. Share this friend with friend who feels down and you might help them overcome their sadness.

How do you say sad in Spanish? Now you know! I think you’re ready for your trip to Latin America or Spain where you will see many beautiful people, places and things. Want to keep improving your Spanish? Make sure you read more articles on how to learn Spanish free, such as say beautiful in Spanish, say please in Spanish, say cool in Spanish and many more!

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