Sister in Spanish : How to say sister, sister-in-law, step sister

sister in spanish

Sister in Spanish = Hermana

Knowing how to say sister in Spanish is a blessing. And that is for sure less debatable than whether having a sister is a blessing in itself. Kidding! Both things are a blessing. But adding the word sister in Spanish to my vocabulary enabled me to talk about my own relatives in Spanish and to understand when the new friends I’ve made in Latin America tell me about their families. The word sister in Spanish is almost identical to the word for brother in Spanish. The only difference is that while brother ends in “o”, sister ends in “a” because it is feminine.

When my friends ask me how do you say sister in Spanish, I tell just tell them to remember that like the “h” in the English word “hour” is silent, the Spanish “h” in hermana is silent, too. So sister in Spanish is pronounced something like er-mah-nah. Picking up little language subtleties like this one will help you speak Spanish with more fluency. Apart from knowing how to say sister in Spanish, some of you may want to know how to say step sister in Spanish, sister in law in Spanish, or just the plural form for the word sister – sisters in Spanish. Keep reading along to learn how to say at all of those quickly.

Sister in Law in Spanish = La cuñada

La cuñada is one of those Spanish words that has a letter that doesn’t exist in the English alphabet. It’s just like the N but with a little thing on the top. The ñ is pronounced like the “ni” in inion. The word sister in law in Spanish is pronounced coo-ni-ah-dah. Let’s take a look at the next word.

how to say sister in spanish

Step Sister in Spanish = La hemanastra

Don’t be confused by how long the word looks. Step sister in Spanish is just like sister in Spanish but with the ending –stra. You need to make sure you roll the r that is in that last syllable to make it sound perfect. Phonetically spelled it looks like er-mah-nahs-trah. Now let’s take a look at how to say little sister in Spanish.

Little Sister in Spanish = Hermanita

Say hermanita to talk about your little sister in Spanish. You should add the word mi to express that it is your little sister that you are talking about. If you have a picture of her and you want to show it to someone you can point at the picture and say mi hermanita. Here is how you say older sister in Spanish.

Older sister in Spanish = Hermana mayor

Saying mii hermana mayor would be a very simple way to introduce your older sister in Spanish. That works whether you’re pointing at a picture or if your older sister is actually standing next to you. If you have more than one sister and you want to talk about them in Spanish, take a look at the following words

Sisters in Spanish = Hermanas

This one is very easy. In the same way you make a word plural by adding an s in English, you add an s at the end of the word hermana and you get sisters in Spanish. Way to go! You found the answer to the question how do you say sister in Spanish. You also know how to say sister in law in Spanish, step sister in Spanish, little sister in Spanish and older sister in Spanish. Feel free to check out some of my other articles here on How to Learn Spanish Free such as how to say brother in Spanish, the lyrics to happy birthday in Spanish, learn how to tell time in Spanish, and much more!

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