Thank You in Spanish : How do you say thank you or thanks in Spanish?

how to say thank you in spanish

Thank you in Spanish = Gracias 

Thank you in Spanish will get you a long ways with the locals. Not saying thank you will make you look like a foreign prick. It’s your choice, so choose to use this word often and with a smile if you want to mesh in nice during your travels in Spanish speaking countries 🙂 The nice thing about learning how to say thank you in Spanish is that it’s really easy to say, really easy to use in context, and really easy to remember. In fact, I hear a lot of people in states use it on a daily basis, and they really have no concept of Spanish at all. That’s how common this Spanish word is. It’s used to actually substitute the English word now lol. So obviously you know that the word gracias is used to say thank you in Spanish, but what does it really mean when you translate it out? Let’s take a look at what gracias means a little bit deeper.

Gracias stems from the Spanish word Gracia, which translates to the English word – Grace. So when we use the plural form for the word gracia, or grace, we get the Spanish word gracias, which means lots of of graces.

How do you pronounce thank you in Spanish by saying the word gracias? Let me show you real quick. It depends on if you’re speaking Latin American Spanish or if you’re speaking Spain Spanish. Folks in Spanish have a bit of a lisp when pronouncing certain Spanish words. Let me show you both and you can choose the feeling of which one you like the most.

The word gracias is pronounced as “grahss-ee-ass” by Spanish speakers in Latin America,

and as “grahth-ee-ass” in Spain.

If you’re really happy with what someone did for you or a service you received from someone, you could use the phrase muchas gracias. Muchas is simply Spanish for many. So the literal translation for this would be many lots of graces. Or really it just means many thanks. If you wanted to say thanks in Spanish, you could use the Spanish phrase muchísimas graciasI use this when someone has helped me out big time.

So what would we say if we were talking to someone in Spanish that we don’t know? Maybe like a clerk at the grocery store or an old man in a cafe? Let’s take a look at the more formal way to say thank you in Spanish.

Estoy agredecido is a great Spanish phrase to use. Estoy represents you and the word agredecido translates in English to grateful. Remember though, Spanish is weird in the sense that it has feminine and masculine endings to verbs. So you would need to make sure you pronounce this based on the gender of the subject. If you are a woman, you would use the word agredecida. If you are a dude, you would use the word agredicido. See the difference? Don’t forget this or you’ll sound look really weird.

thank you in spanish

Sometimes we like to thank someone in advance. Thanking someone in advance is usually for situations where someone is picking you up later, helping you move someone later, preparing your food for you in advance, or covering your shift at work for you in advance. Learning how to say thank you in advance in Spanish is a great Spanish phrase to keep in your vocab pocket. Con gracias anticipadas is the best way to say thank you in advance in Spanish. The word con means with. The word gracias, which you already know this, means thank you in Spanish. The word anticipadas, which you can probably figure out on your own, means to anticipate. Pretty simple. Notice how it the sentence structure seems a little backwards though? Don’t worry about it. Just learn if for the way it is and roll with it.

Another great way to say thank you in Spanish in a more formal sense is to incorporate the Spanish words for sir and madam in your vocab library. The Spanish word for sir is señor and the Spanish word for madam is señoraSo if you wanted to say thank you sir you would say gracias señorIf you wanted to say thank you madam you would say gracias señora.  

What if you wanted to say thank you again in Spanish? This would be a situation where you are receiving a service again or repeatable. Let’s take a look at how to say thank you again in Spanish. Con gracias repetidas is the best way to say it. As I mentioned before, con represents the word with. Gracias represents the word thanks. Repetidas, which you can see the English resemblance pretty easily, means repeat or in this case it means again. Con gracias repetidas.

Well I hope this article hooked you up with the right words for thank you and thanks in Spanish. Pretty easy stuff but really important for your travels in Spanish speaking countries.

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