Ugly in Spanish : How to say you’re ugly, that is ugly, and more!

how to say ugly in spanish

Ugly in Spanish = Feo

If you’re here because you want to learn how to call a person ugly in Spanish, you are not going to like this: that makes you ugly! But I’m still generous enough to teach you how to say ugly in Spanish. In this article, you will learn to say ugly, unattractive, and expressions like ugly duckling and ugly thing in Spanish. I’m going to start by teaching how to say you’re ugly in Spanish.

Before I show you that, let me remind you that in Spanish, all adjectives, that is, all words that describe characteristics of people, objects or ideas, must indicate in themselves the gender of the word they describe. For example, if you want to say that a woman is ugly in Spanish the word for ugly must end in “a” as in the following example.

You’re ugly in Spanish = Eres fea (feminine)

I don’t want to encourage you to say this to any woman but if you are a woman learning Spanish, it is important that you learn to recognise if someone says you’re ugly in Spanish. Continuing with the explanation about Spanish adjectives ending in “a” or “o”, if you want to call a man ugly Spanish the word for ugly –feo– must end in “o” because that is the ending for masculine words.

You’re ugly in Spanish = Eres feo (masculine)

If you are a girl and a guy is bothering you and even being rude, telling him eres feo is probably the easiest way to discourage him to continue being a jerk. After all, no guy wants to be told you’re ugly in Spanish. There is a less rude way to say ugly in Spanish. The word unattractive. Here’s how you say unattractive in Spanish.

Unattractive in Spanish = No atractivo (male)

Unattractive in Spanish = No atractiva (female)

Unattractive in Spanish sounds just as politically correct as in English. Say no atractivo when you don’t want to sound offensive.

Ugly duckling in Spanish = El patito feo

You may hear this phrase when people are joking about a certain person being discriminated against on the basis of their physical appearance. Don’t use it if you don’t want to come across as rude. But keep it in mind so you can understand when someone uses it.  Another another Spanish expression with the word ugly is ugly thing in Spanish.

ugly in spanish

Ugly thing in Spanish = Cosa fea

There are ugly things in Spanish for sure. Offensive and repellent. When you want to make a value judgement about something that is happening which may be really disgusting, use this expression.

Just like the rest of the world, the Spanish-speaking world has the good, the bad and the ugly. Now you can see with your own eyes and judge whether something is ugly in Spanish with the right vocabulary. You know how to say ugly in Spanish. If you want to sound nice in Spanish, check my other articles on how to learn Spanish free  and learn to say beautiful in Spanish, say cool in Spanish, say money in Spanish and many more!

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