Want in Spanish : Learn How to Say I Want and You Want

i want in spanish

Want in Spanish = Querer (verb for “to want”) 

I want in Spanish = Yo quiero (1st person conjugated form of Querer)

Want in Spanish is definitely an important verb for you to learn as you continue your Spanish learning journey. Obviously you will want to fully understand the different ways to say want in Spanish in order to communicate what you want towards someone or some group. For that reason, let’s take a look together at how to conjugate the verb querer across the different types of situations you might be in. The verb querer is used for both the meaning of wanting things as well as wanting someone, such as liking or loving someone. We already covered the first person conjugation of querer above. Yo quiero means, I want in Spanish. You can use this phrase for telling someone where you want to go, what you want to order, something you want to buy, someone you want to date, and so on. Now that we have I want in Spanish taken care of, let’s take a closer look at how to say you want in Spanish.

You want in Spanish = Tú quieres

Tú quieres is a phrase you will often use as a question to someone you are hanging out with. Asking someone do you want something in Spanish will become a regular part of your daily Spanish vocabulary. This Spanish phrase is important to you making friends, going out on dates, and so on. I would highly recommend learning how to say you want in Spanish just as much as you practice learning how to say I want in Spanish. A lot of my readers ask how to say we want in Spanish. Well. let’s take a look at how to say we want in Spanish below.

want in spanish

We want in Spanish = Nosotros queremos

When trying to say want in Spanish but referring to we or us, you would need to use the word nosotros. Nostros would always lead the conjugated form of the verb to want in Spanish. Why don’t we take a quick look at how to say to want in Spanish but referencing he/she/one wants. This one is a little tricky to remember because you’re basically going to use a shorter version of the verb to want in Spanish.

He/She/One wants in Spanish = él/ella/ello/uno quiere

As you can see here, we took the verb querer and shortened it. We also started the Spanish phrase out by leading the verb with a the subject. This is a very easy piece of learning Spanish that you can pick up quickly when it comes to Spanish structure.

I hope this article was helpful in answering your questions of how to say want in Spanish 🙂 Please check out my other articles regarding basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases such as hello in Spanish, I love you in Spanish, goodbye in Spanish, good morning in Spanish, and how to tell time in Spanish.

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