Why in Spanish : How to Say Why in Spanish with Luke Matthews!

how do you say why in spanish

Why in Spanish = Por qué

Why in Spanish is an important piece of your everyday Spanish vocabulary. I know for me, I ask why in Spanish probably half the conversations I involve myself in. Understanding the structure of how to say why in Spanish will help you extend your normal daily conversations and also help with fully understanding certain situations you might find yourself in. So I can help you with better understanding the word why in Spanish, let’s take a look at some Spanish phrases and examples below 🙂

Let’s take a look at the use of why in Spanish when its being used as an adverb.

Why are you sleeping? – ¿Por qué duermas?

How about when the why in Spanish is used as a conjunction?

I don’t know why she left me. – No sé por qué me dejó.

What about if you wanted to use the word why in Spanish as a noun?

Do they really want to know why? – ¿De verdad quieren saber el porqué?

why in spanish

Learning how to say why in Spanish will help you with almost every conversation you might find yourself in. It has everything to do with emotion and conveying a specific message in Spanish that you’re really trying for. One thing that I have found in my Spanish learning, is that by asking why in Spanish it gives you the ability to practice listening to Spanish and not having to speak in Spanish so much. If you’re on a date and you don’t really have much to say in Spanish, just keep asking why and let her or him keep doing the talking. Will they find out much about you? Probably not, but whatever, people love to talk about themselves anyways. A great way for you to practice answering someone when they ask you why in Spanish is to simply ask yourself why in Spanish throughout the day – then try and answer yourself. Sounds dumb, I know, but you can really learn to take the them to think through your answers in Spanish and how you would respond to someone.

Just some fun tips for you as you learn this common word. I hope this article got your question answered quickly! Be sure to check out some of my other articles on how to learn Spanish free. Some of my most recent articles are things like how to say I love you in Spanish, how to say hello in Spanish, and how to say where are you in Spanish.

Are you looking for a solid Spanish learning system to help grow your Spanish vocabulary and speaking skills? At the beginner level, I would recommend Rosetta Stone as well as Spanish Pod 101. I have used both of these to their full extent and I think they are great, free at the beginning, resources for you to jump on.

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