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how to say yes in Spanish

Yes in Spanish =  

Yes in Spanish is essential to your conversations in Spanish, answering questions, confirming appointments, and so on. You probably use the word yes in English almost every other sentence. Equally, you’ll probably use the word yes in Spanish for the vast majority of your conversations and interactions with Spanish speakers during your travels. Here is a quick snapshot of how you say yes in Spanish translated to English – see.

Let me show you some quick examples of how to say yes in Spanish depending on certain situations you might find yourself in during your interactions with Spanish speakers.

Do you want food? – Yes, but just a little bit.- ¿Quieres comida? – Sí, pero solo un poquito.

Yes! I knew I was right! – ¡Sí! ¡Sabía que tenía razón!

Yes, I would like to buy that car. – Sí, me gustaría comprar ese carro.

Do I think she’s pretty? – ¿Si creo que es bonita? Si, absolutamente.

yes in spanish

Did you know that there are some other ways to say yes in Spanish that are more general phrases? These might be Spanish phrases that you would hear in conversations. Let’s take a look at these together so you have some understanding of them.

For sure in Spanish = Seguro

This is a Spanish word that I use a LOT. Knowing how to say for sure in Spanish is really good for general conversations. It’s also a huge west coast saying…surfer dialect if you will. Learning how to say for sure in Spanish will help you sound more relaxed and also help you sound more fluid and less formal.

Yes, for but of course in Spanish = Por su puesto

Por su puesto is great for giving a solid affirmation in Spanish when speaking in either formal or informal settings. This is a great phrase to use when saying yes in Spanish. Learning how to say of course in Spanish helps you sounds much more sure of yourself and also in fierce agreeance with others.

Yes, of course = Claro or Claro que si

Claro is really the most common word you’ll hear throughout all latin counties, especially in Colombia and Peru (from my experience). Claro que si is a longer way of saying the same thing. It really depends on the person and their preference of what to say in whatever situation they’re in. Your call. All good, and all generally meaning the same thing – yes in Spanish.

Now that you have a solid grasp on how and when to use the word yes in Spanish, you can answer and ask question with much more clarity when traveling. Be sure to check out some of my other articles for quick Spanish words and phrases such as how to say I love you in Spanish, how to say hi in Spanish, how to say Spanish swear words, and more!

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